Membership in The BOSS Program™ is a guaranteed way to increase your numbers. Whether you are just starting out in the Business Office or you have been a veteran for a number of years, you will lean new methods and strategies from this program and will ultimately add to your bottom line.

Zain FancyBusiness Manager

When it comes to selling insurance plans there are loads of representatives that talk a good game, but Maxine helps you make it happen. Our BOSS group meetings 3 times a year, keeps everyone up to date with the market and keeps me motivated for the next three months. She has diligently enabled/coached me and given me the confidence to share Chubb Insurance stories. It’s engaging customers and bringing the dealership great results.

Mary PedersenBusiness Manager

I have been in The BOSS Program™ for 15 years and to this day I am still learning, growing and developing with knowledge and assistance that is proven, beneficial and relevant to stay successful in today’s challenge of automotive sales and Financial Services.

Alex NitaGeneral Sales Manager

The BOSS Program™ has done wonders for our F&I Department and is very important to our overall profit. The program has helped our Business Managers focus and, as a result, BOSS has exceeded our expectations. Like any significant change, the results are not immediate; the increase occurs over time.

Andrew PageGSM/Partner

We came from basically no insurance sales to a substantive increase. In fact, our insurance sales have increased by 381% in the last 3 years. I would hasten to note that, although Maxine is only compensated on insurance sales, BOSS has increased our sales and profits with all of our F&I products, especially our warranty sales.

Dan PageDealer

I am an original BOSS member. I have never stopped learning new ways to sell our products. It is hard to describe the benefit of learning new ideas and then implementing them in the Business Office. The friendships that have been made has also been extremely valuable. Chris, our facilitator is the Best. Maxine, as our Leader, is the Best. Each year my new and used car average has increased. I would highly recommend The BOSS Program™.

Claire KraanBusiness Manager

The BOSS Program™ is a first class training program with first class trainers. We have been involved with Maxine and her Team for 2 years and have seen great improvements from both of our Business Managers. The BOSS Program™ provides us with a monthly “refocus” of our goals and strategies. The group meetings provide a perfect setting to connect with and to learn from some of the best Business Managers in the industry, in a friendly and open environment. I would highly recommend The BOSS Program™.

Derek DemeyereDealer

If you do not attend at least one season of The BOSS Program™, you will have NO idea what you are missing! Dare to challenge yourself.

Gary HinksBusiness Manager

I highly recommend The BOSS Program™. The BOSS Program™ provides training, support and an education. The program has transformed me. My performance is at a much higher level. I am excited about my improvement and look forward to my future. Maxine is a dynamic professional and is a delight to work with. Thank you for allowing me to see that there is no limit to my success!

Brenda SampsonBusiness Manager

RESULTS speak louder than words. I attended my first BOSS meeting in September, 2010. Currently, my new and used car average has tripled. This has been possible because of the support of Maxine and Chris, who are so quick to respond and eager to help, as well as other BOSS members.

Sandra TaylorBusiness Manager

The BOSS Program™ has given me the focus in my career to be a more successful Business Manager. The fresh ideas have enabled me to deliver a superior presentation to clients.

Dave EberleeBusiness Manager

The BOSS Program™ has been a major part of our success story. We have tripled our back- end income due to The BOSS Program™.

Fery ZandDealer